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Q&A: 69 Q&As
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업그레이트: Mar-16-2010
무료 시험문제 보기:
1. Consider a WebLogic Domain with an (external) LDAP Authentication Provider and multiple
Authorization Providers. The Default WebLogic Auditing Provider is enabled. Authorization Providers can
return a limited set of responses to requests for resource access. What are the possible responses from
an Authorization Provider?
Answer: D
2. What happens to a JMS message that times out in a Queue?
A. The message is immediately delivered to the consumer.
B. The message is immediately returned to the producer.
C. The message is handled according to the expiration policy that is defined for the Queue.
D. The message is sent to a distributed destination.
E. The message is persisted to a JMS store.
Answer: C
3. A Web tier cluster is being created that will provide HttpSession failover with reasonable safety and
good scaling ability. The HttpSessions will contain serialized Java objects. Eight WebLogic server
instances will be running on four physical machines; there will be two WebLogic server instances per
physical machine. Part of the cluster, containing two physical machines, is located in one room; the other
two machines are located in another room. In this cluster, the Administration Server is located on its own
physical machine. If the Administration Server is not running, how can the Managed Servers start?
A. The Managed Servers must run in Managed Server Independence (MSI) mode.
B. The domain files must be copied to each Managed Server.
C. The MSI file must be present locally on each Managed Server.
D. A Managed Server CANNOT be started without an Administration Server.
E. Aand C
Answer: E
4. In order to migrate a failed Administration Server to another machine, which of the following is
A. Application data must be copied to (or shared with) the new machine.
B. You must use the NodeManager MIGRATE command, through weblogic.Admin or JMX.
C. Configuration and security data must be copied to (or shared with) the new machine.
D. Each Managed Server must be shut down and restarted.
E. Aand C
Answer: E
5. Which of the following methods can CANNOT be used to determine the version number and service
pack of the currently-executing WebLogic Server instance?
A. The WebLogic Console
B. The version.txt file
C. weblogic.Admin
D. The Server log
E. Aand B
Answer: B
6. To configure a Network Channel, which of the following are required?
A. Name, Multicast Address, Listen Address
B. Name, Protocol and Listen Port
C. Name, Listen Address and Listen Port
D. Name, Multicast Address, Listen Address and Listen Port
E. Name, Protocol, Listen Address and Listen Port
Answer: E

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