The retiring CCNP exam

From Cisco offical network, The CCNP Exam has changed on 1st. Apr. Among the CCNP Certification, many certification exam will be retire. The original exam path is finished  Until July 31, 2010 candidates have four different paths to CCNP certification, here we give you one CCNP Certification  path:

Path: Candidates already in the process of certifying may use their passing scores on ISCW and ONT. This path is not recommended for candidates who have not yet attempted ISCW or ONT.
642-901 BSCI:Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks
Last day to test: July 31, 2010
642-902 ROUTE:Implementing Cisco IP Routing
642-812 BCMSN:Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks
Last day to test: July 31, 2010   
642-813 SWITCH:Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks
642-825 ISCW:Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks
Last day to test:July 31, 2010     
642-845ONT:Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks   
Last day to test:July 31, 2010  

Ourexam has the latest CCNP Certification exam material, you must take the 642-901,642-825,642-845,642-812 before1st. Aug.2010

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Ourexam CCNP Certification materials are the latest now.
As follows is the latest CCNP 642-832 Exam Material:

Exam Number/Code: 642-832
Exam Name: Troubleshooting and maintaing cisco ip networks
Questions and Answers: 240Q&As

More details you visit:


More knowledges about CCNP  642-832 Exam, it's useful for you !


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