Benefits of Oracle Certification

Benefits to the Technical Professional
The demand for Oracle technical professionals is growing at an incredible pace. But individuals, experienced or new to the profession, need to know what skills make them attractive to employers. Employers look for ways to distinguish employees and prospective employees who have the solid foundation of skills needed for effective performance.
An Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) credential demonstrates that you have a solid understanding of the foundation skills of a given job role that can be applied at an apprentice or entry level. By earning your OCA designation you improve your chances of getting entrylevel job opportunities. The OCA is the stepping stone to starting a successful career as an Oracle Professional.
After OCA, by becoming an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) you demonstrate your understanding of the full range of skills required by Oracle professionals in your chosen job role. The OCP is in high demand in today's marketplace, and the demand for new OCPs grows with each new release of an Oracle product. An Oracle certification helps raise your visibility and increases your access to the industry's most challenging and rewarding opportunities.
The Oracle Certified Master (OCM) is the highest credential an Oracle professional can earn in the Oracle Certification Program. An Oracle DBA Certified Master is a top-level Oracle expert who has in-depth knowledge of the Oracle database technology and industry experience managing mission-critical Oracle database systems and applications. An OCM is considered an expert within an organization, among peers, and across the industry.
Benefits to the IT Employer
The Oracle Certification Programs are also valuable to hiring managers who want to hire right candidates for critical IT positions. For companies that send employees through annual IT training, certification helps ensure a return on the training investment by validating the knowledge and understanding gained in training sessions. Companies can also combine certification with an employee development program to enhance employee loyalty and performance on the job. Hiring certified professionals can have a direct impact on a company's success.

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