JNCIS-FWV(Firewall Certification Training Course)

The Juniper Networks JNCIS-FWV BootCamp course is a combination of three

advanced technical classes, compressing material into an advanced

curriculum that covers 5 days:
Students must already have attended the CJFVcourse, or maintain

equivalent knowledge to the level defined in the JNICA-FWV Certification

Program in order to attend this class. The Advanced BootCamp course

focuses on advanced management and troubleshooting of Juniper Networks’

Firewall/VPN products. The course also discusses bandwidth management and

performance tuning. Multiple hands-on labs reinforce the class

discussions. Students will configure Juniper Security appliances and

devices that support the virtualization feature set, including

subinterfaces and virtual systems. Students will also be able to

configure NSRP in both active/passive and active/active deployments.

Target Audience
Network engineers, support personnel and technicans that are required to

hold certification status or technical professionals that want to

increase their skills and or gain Network Security credentials.
Upon completion of this course, the will have the requisite knowledge and

ability to:

Design & configure VPN Hub-and-Spoke networks
Configure High Availability
Understanding Policy Based NAT
Understand troubleshooting commands and tools
Implement Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) for VPNs
Advanced troubleshooting of Policy, Routing, and IPsec VPN including IKE
Using PKI technologies for IPsec VPNs and device management
Specific topics include:

ScreenOS VPN Basics Review
OSPF Operational Summary
Configure OSPF in a Multi-Area Network
Optimizing Routing Tables
BGP Operations
EBGP Configuration
IBGP Full Mesh
Source-Based Routing (SBR)
Policy-Based Routing
Multiple Static Routes
IGMP Configuration Steps
NSRP and Virtual Systems
NetScreen Redundancy Protocol (NSRP)
Traffic Shaping
VPN Variations
Hub-and-Spoke VPNs
Routing over VPNs
Using Certificates
Redundant VPN Gateways
Generic Routing Encapsulation
Dialup IPSec VPNs
Deep Inspection
Web Filtering

JNCIA-FWV certification or equivalent knowledge obtained in the


This course prepares students for the Juniper Networks JNCIS-FWV Certific

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