1. A customer has a requirement to reduce the costs of their off-site vaulting. The customer wants to eliminate costs associated with the manual labor of moving tapes with secure data to a second site.
How can Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V5.5 best meet the customers requirement?
A.by using electronic vaulting of the TSM data
B.by creating the secondary tapes and leaving them on-site
C.by using a hardware disk solution to mirror the client data to the remote location
D.by using TSM to restore the data that was backed up in the primary site to the secondary site


2. A customer has the following requirements: use of the existing AIX TSM server instance, nightly backups, seven Exchange servers, three UNIX servers, four terabytes total data, 10% nightly change, and 30% annual growth.
You have been asked to recommend the appropriate Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V5.5 software environment to meet these requirements.
Which two TSM components are required? (Choose two.)
A.TSM for Mail
B.TSM for SharePoint
C.TSM Extended Edition
D.TSM for Space Management
E.TSM for System Backup and Recovery

3. A Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V5.5 client has been successfully installed on a Windows 2003 server. The administrator has configured Logical Volume Snapshot Agent (LVSA) function for Open File Support (OFS) through the wizard. The customer has the following requirements:
The Windows 2003 server must use VSS (Volume Shadowcopy Services).
Drive C: must be processed with OFS.
Drive D: must not be processed with OFS.
Which options must be defined in the dsm.opt file to meet these requirements?
A.include.fs c: snapshotproviderfs=vss
include.fs d: snapshotproviderfs=none
B.include.fs c: snapshotproviderfs=yes
include.fs d: snapshotproviderfs=none
C.include.fs c: imagetype=dynamic
include.fs d: imagetype=static
D.include.fs c: snapshotproviderfs=dynamic

4. What is a limitation of the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Operational Reporting stand alone package?
A. Web link summary options are not available to check operational reports about the server.
B.The stand alone package does not support TSM servers running on non-Windows platforms.
C.If a TSM server requires attention, the message may not provide a recommendation for getting it running again.
D.If you install the stand alone version and later decide to install the TSM server on Windows, you must first uninstall the stand alone console.

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