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Refer to the exhibit. Three Cisco 2950 switches are set to their default priority settings. During the spanning-tree process, which switch will be elected as the root bridge?  
A. Switch1  
C. Switch3  
D. Switch4  


6.What are some of the advantages of using a router to segment the network? (Choose two.)  
A. Filtering can occur based on Layer 3 information.  
B. Broadcasts are eliminated.  
C. Routers generally cost less than switches.  
D. Broadcasts are not forwarded across the router.  
E.Adding a router to the network decreases latency.  


7.At which layers of the OSI model do WANs operate? (Choose two.)  
A. application layer  
B.session layer  
C. transport layer  
D. network layer
E. datalink layer  
F. physical layer  


8.What is the function of the Cisco IOS command ip nat inside source static  
A. It creates a global address pool for all outside NAT transactions.
B. It establishes a dynamic address pool for an inside static address.
C. It creates dynamic source translations for all inside local PAT transactions.  
D.It creates a one-to-one mapping between an inside local address and an inside global address.  
E. It maps one inside source address to a range of outside global addresses.  


9.A Cisco router that was providing Frame Relay connectivity at a remote site was replaced with a different vendor's frame relay router. Connectivity is now down between the

central and remote site. What is the most likely cause of the problem?  
A. mismatched LMI types
B. incorrect DLCI  
C. mismatched encapsulation types  
D. incorrect IP address mapping


10.In the 802.11 specification, what are the allowable channels in the 2.4GHz ISM band?  
A. channels 1, 5, 9  
B. channels 1, 6, 11  
C.channels 1, 4, 7, 10  
D. channels 2, 6, 10  



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