Cisco Pix Static Routes And Internet Filtering Box - Sadikho

I'm not sure I completely understand the setup here.

So, the PIX is connected to the filter box. The filter box is connected to the router.

On the PIX there is a default route pointing to the filter box?
The filter box has a default router (presumably) pointing to the router?
So the router routes the outbound traffic.

Incoming traffic comes in to the router and the router sends this incoming traffic to the filter box?
The filter box - where does this send the incoming traffic and how? Is the filter box also a router?
Imagine the filter box works and sends the traffic back to the PIX - what does the PIX do with this traffic? The PIX is a firewall, not a router and won't know how to route the traffic.

Have you set debugging on the outside interface for ICMP on the PIX (and enable ICMP of course) to see if the reply packets even get to the outside interface? Well, first you can do this to the router to see if they get back to the router - then the filter box - and then the PIX - this will in indicate where the problem lies.

I really have the same issue right now. I'm confused about the whole thing as well. I hope someone here could help.

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