CheckPointCertification 156-110

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CheckPoint CheckPointCertification 156-110
VUE/Prometric Code: 156-110

Exam: Check Point Certified Security Principles Associate (CCSPA)

Q&A:110 Q&As
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1. A(n) ________________ is a one-way mathematical function that maps variable values into smaller
values of a fixed length.
A. Symmetric key
B. Algorithm
C. Back door
D. Hash function
E. Integrity
Answer: D
2. INFOSEC professionals are concerned about providing due care and due diligence. With whom should
they consult, when protecting information assets?
A. Law enforcement in their region
B. Senior management, particularly business-unit owners
C. IETF enforcement officials
D. Other INFOSEC professionals
E. Their organizations' legal experts
Answer: E
3. How do virtual corporations maintain confidentiality?
A. Encryption
B. Checksum
C. Data hashes
D. Redundant servers
E. Security by obscurity
4. All of the following are possible configurations for a corporate intranet, EXCEPT:
A. Value-added network
B. Wide-area network
C. Campus-area network
D. Metropolitan-area network
E. Local-area network
5. Which of the following is NOT an auditing function that should be performed regularly?
A. Reviewing IDS alerts
B. Reviewing performance logs
C. Reviewing IDS logs
D. Reviewing audit logs
E. Reviewing system logs
Answer: B
6. The items listed below are examples of ___________________ controls. *Procedures and policies
*Employee security-awareness training *Employee background checks *Increasing management security
A. Technical
B. Administrative
C. Role-based
D. Mandatory
E. Physical
Answer: B
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