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To create a stable IBGP peering arrangement, it is recommended that internal peering be created between the loopback interfaces of the IBGP peering routers. Why is the local-address command required for successful connectivity in this scenario?
A. to send the BGP Open message
B. to tell the local router which interface the update is going to be received on
C. to tell the local router which interface to source the update from
D. to authenticate using MD5 between these neighbors
Answer: C
How can you identify all routes that are more specific than 10.0/16, excluding the exact match?
A. route-filter 10.0/16 longer
B. route-filter 10.0.0/17 longer
C. route-filter 10.0/16 orlonger
D. route-filter 10.0.0/17 upto /32
Answer: A

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