WebLogic Server 9

TestpassportのBEA 0B0-109(WebLogic Server 9)}鹿はITT社グル`プによって恬り貧げられて、testpassportの0B0-109}鹿はgのxk}、謹岔xk}、ドラッグΕ疋蹈奪廖gY}式び僭托め}などのYフォ`ムを根んでいます。
1. A system exception is one that indicates that the business method of an EJB was prevented from
successfully executing because of some system-level error. Which of these statements is true about a
system exception?
A.It is a subclass of RemoteException or RuntimeException
B.It is propagated to clients as a RemoteException
C.It is caught and logged by the container
D.All of the above
Answer: D
2. What is the command to create a new web application archive (.war) file?
A.jar -Mvf someArchive.war *
B.jar -tvf someArchive.war *
C.jar -vf someArchive.war *
D.jar -cvf someArchive.war *
Answer: D
3. If cookies are disabled on the client browser, which of these methods on the HttpServletResponse
object can help in rewriting the URL with a session ID?
Answer: A
4. Consider the following code snippet.
Context ctx = new InitialContext(); DataSource ds = (DataSource)ctx.lookup("SomeDatasource");
Which of these statements gets a JDBC connection successfully?
A.Connection con = ds.createConnection();
B.Connection con = ds.getConnection();
C.Connection con = ds.retrieveConnection();
D.Connection con = ctx.getConnection();
Answer: B
5. Entity bean activation involves
A.EJB Container providing a primary key identity to a pooled EJB
B.EJB Container moves an EJB from secondary storage to main memory
C.EJB Container creates a new EJB instance and adds to the active pool
D.None of the above
Answer: A
6. Which of these <trans-attribute> tags forces the EJB to be executed within a transaction started either
by the client or container?
Answer: B
7. Which of these statements is not true about Design Patterns?
A.They are a non-repeatable process or design addressing a specific issue or a problem in the
development of a system.
B.They are predictable in their function and are consistent in their pros and cons.
C.They are concepts that allow for a common method to quickly and effectively communicate complex
ideology to others.
D.They allow for the accelerated education of the concept for those new to it.
Answer: A

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