All BEA certifiation tests

All BEA certification tests in passmac.

0B0-101 - BEA8.1 Certified Developer:Build Solutions
0B0-102 - BEA8.1 Certified Developer : portal Solutions
0B0-103 - BEA8.1 Certified Developer:Integration Solutions
0B0-104 - BEA8.1 Certified Adminsitrator:System Administration
0B0-105 - BEA8.1 Certified Architect:Enterprise Architecture
0B0-106 - BEA SOA Foundations Exam
0B0-107 - BEA SOA Adoption and Implementation Exam
0B0-108 - System Administration Exam
0B0-109 - WebLogic Server 9
0B0-110 - BEA Certified Developer: WebLogic Portal 9/10
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Bea certification:
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