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Share some Network Appliance NCDA Certification NS0-158 exam questions and answers below.

A customer enables Storage Efficiency on a volume, intending to use compression only as data is written. The customer observes that compression is working, but deduplication processes are still running on a scheduled basis. The customer wants to use compression without deduplication as the data is written to the volume.
Which action will accomplish this task?
A. Enable post compression on the volume.
B. Create a custom efficiency policy and attach to the SVM.
C. Attach the default efficiency policy to the volume.
D. Attach the inline-only efficiency policy to the volume.
Answer: D

Which command would you use to disable an account in clustered Data ONTAP?
A. security login lock
B. security login policy
C. security login domain-tunnel
D. security login modify
Answer: A

A customer created a volume with the wrong language code.
What should a customer do to correct this problem?
A. Delete the volume and create a volume with the correct language code.
B. Take the volume offline and change the language code.
C. Change the language code on the volume.
D. Change the language code on the parent storage virtual machine.
Answer: A

A customer cannot enable storage failover. You have verified that the cabling is correct, the HA partners can communicate with each other, and cluster HA is configured.
What must you do to resolve the problem?
A. Set the HA state in the maintenance boot menu.
B. Select option 4 in the boot menu.
C. Set switchless cluster in privilege advanced mode.
D. Modify epsilon in privilege advanced mode.
Answer: D

Which of the following is true about a data protection (DP) mirror destination volume? (Choose all that apply)
A. Can be in the same vserver as the source
B. Can be in a different vserver as the source
C. Can be on a different cluster from the source
D. Can be on a Data ONTAP 7-mode system
E. Can be smaller than the source
Answer: A,B,C

A customer wants to use jumbo frames on an interface group called a0a. Interface group a0a contains ports e0c and e0d. Additionally, the customer is using VLAN tagging for VLANs 510 and 520. VLAN 510 will use jumbo frames but VLAN 520 will not. When the customer tries to enable jumbo frames on a0a-510 the command fails.
What caused the failure?
A. The MTU size must be set on the broadcast domain to which the ports belong.
B. The LIF corresponding with VLAN 510 is not configured for jumbo frames.
C. Ports e0c and e0d have conflicting MTU sizes configured.
D. Jumbo frames must be enabled from the advanced privilege set.
Answer: A

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