CCIE certification

CCIE of Cisco company certification is representative of Network Engineering certificate. It centers on the routing and switching technology and WAN switching solutions, which includes many courses from network design to network supporting in order to offer many chances to develop your career. It appeared in 1993, which has five specific areas, router and transformer, global network and its conversion, ISP dial-up, mainframe system dedicated network architecture SSA and network integration and Design.

CCNA is the first step of Cisco certification, and the highest certification of Cisco is CCIE, which is the most respected network interconnection professional certification. The certificate requests technical staff to pass two-hour computer exam and two-day trial test in the Laboratory of Cisco company. Trial test especially requests that candidate should have a good command of network equipment and universal Network. It will spend you $200 on the computer exam and $1000 on the trial test. If you want to take some training on this, it will spend $1420. However, if you get Cisco certificate, your salary will rise 10%-20%, and you will get more working chances.

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